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Bulent Acma

Bulent Acma

Researcher and lecturer, PhD, Anadolu University
Acma (Ph.D.) currently works as a researcher and lecturer at Anadolu University, Turkey as well as chair of the economy department. His research interests focus on two related areas. The first is sustainable development, natural resources and environmental economics, green and bio-economics, and energy and water economics. The second is circular economics and innovation-entrepreneurship economy. He has been attending many international conferences, workshops, and summer-winter schools as a presenter, chair, and participant in international scholarships and grants. He has been involved in some international research projects that are related to ecological and environmental issues, water and energy economics, climate change, green deals, economic geography, and eco and agro-tourism. He has more than published 50 articles, in international peer-reviewed journals, SSCI (Social Sciences Citation Index) and SCI (Science Citation Index), and 5 books and reports.

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