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Cheryl Laatsch

Cheryl Laatsch

Statewide FERC Coordinator, Bureau of Environmental Analysis and Sustainability, Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources

Cheryl Laatsch is the Statewide FERC Coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources—a position she has held since August 2011.  She is responsible for coordinating the agency’s environmental and regulatory oversight of 130+ Federally regulated dams in Wisconsin.  Her collaborative approach brings new ideas to how WDNR is addressing workload, resource management, and customer relations.

Prior to working with hydropower, Ms. Laatsch was a Wisconsin DNR project manager for large wind, transmission, distribution, and pipeline projects.

Ms. Laatsch has worked for the WDNR for over 20 years.  She has extensive knowledge and permitting expertise in waterways and wetlands, project management, technical oversight, and regulatory compliance for complex utility projects. 

Ms. Laatsch received her B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

Ms. Laatsch and her husband have 2 daughters.  They own a coffee shop, a retail boutique, and an agricultural consulting business.   Ms. Laatsch extends her expertise in business and resource management into her community, where she volunteers for different associations.   Ms. Laatsch resides in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

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