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David Surla

David Surla

Hydro Business Developer, Electricite de France

David SURLA began his career at EDF as a Hydraulic Civil works Engineer on domestic and international projects (Laos, Marroco, Iran …). After ten years of experience in CW and an MBA in International Business, he has been dedicated to international development projects (economic, financial, and institutional aspects), as well as in the preparation of strategic plans for national and regional production expansion with a special focus of Pumped Storage development.   Due to his experience and multi-competencies (CW, energy economics, finance, and institutional), he is in charge of water development for the Americas but is also appointed as project director on other locations when projects encompass storage and stability issues that could imply PS origination analysis.  His experience also allows him to manage the due diligence of greenfield projects for the group and in particular pumping station projects (in particular in the US). 

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