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Derek Stone

Derek Stone

System Integration Specialist, Lucky Peak Power Plant Project

Derek Stone is a System Integration Specialist at the Lucky Peak Power Plant, where he plays an integral role in the Hydro Specialist team. Over the past five years, Derek has demonstrated expertise in leading integration-based projects aimed at enhancing network architecture efficiency and functionality.

With a focus on SCADA system development and the seamless unitization of RTUs, PLCs, and other remote I/O systems, Derek has consistently delivered innovative solutions to optimize operational processes. His proficiency extends to High-Performance HMI design, utilizing platforms such as Inductive Automation's Ignition, with a specific emphasis on Alarm Drowning techniques and the digitalization of plant assets.

Derek's commitment lies in developing and implementing an Industry 4.0 environment at the Lucky Peak Power Plant, aimed at maximizing operational efficiency and ultimately benefiting stakeholders. His dedication to advancing technological solutions underscores his mission to drive continuous improvement within the organization.


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