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Enes Zulovic

Enes Zulovic

Specialist Hydropower Engineer, Acutel Consulting
Enes Zulovic, Specialist Hydro Power Mechanical Engineer, Acutel Consulting, Tasmania, Australia; CPEng MIEAust has more than 35 years of international experience in hydropower generation and has been with Acutel Consulting since 2014; before he was employed by Hydro Tasmania since 1996 as a Senior and Specialist Mechanical Engineer.  He has proven knowledge, skills, competencies, and experience in vibration problem analyses, shaft and bearing alignment, hydropower modernization projects, turbine and other hydro-mechanical equipment, asset risk management, problem-solving of hydro engineering challenges and Root Cause Analyses (RCA) and Reliability Centred Maintenance. Other expertizes is preparation and review of tenders and technical specifications, factory and site commissioning, hydro knowledge training, pressure pulsations (draft tube and penstock), air admission, and design of the oil vapor elimination systems.

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