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Ismaila Jimoh

Ismaila Jimoh

Executive Director, Water Initiatives Nigeria

Ismaila Jimoh is one of the founders of the Water Initiatives Nigeria a non governmental organization based in Ibadan southwestern Nigeria established in 2009.  Ismaila educational background is in Geology with a B.Sc and M.Sc degrees from University of Ilorin and University of Ibadan both in Nigeria. Additional educational qualifications include M.Sc in Environmental Technology from DeMontfort University Leicester, United Kingdom,  and an M.Sc and  PhD degrees from in Oil and Gas Technology from Aalborg University Denmark. Ismaila has worked in different capacities and different fields in his professional career and  has contributed immensely to provision of access to safe drinking water and appropriate sanitation as part of the working team of Water Initiatives Nigeria. He has also presented technical presentations in different conferences in the fields of energy, environment and water. Ismaila is member of different professional bodies including Data Management Association (DAMA), Global Waste Cleaning Network (GWCN) Global Water Partnership (GWP) Network etc. Ismaila enjoys reading, traveling and teaching during his spare time.


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