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James Stevens

James Stevens

Global Sales and Marketing Director, PREFORMED WINDINGS
United States
James Stevens, Global Sales and Marketing Director, Preformed Windings James Stevens is the Global Sales and Marketing Director for Preformed Windings ltd and the vice president and non-executive director of the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades (AEMT). He has a Batchelor of Engineering Degree and an MBA and has 14 years of experience across both the mechanical and electrical engineering industry. James has been with preformed Windings since 2015 and is responsible for the strategic growth of the business and driving their position as thought leaders in the renewables sector. Additionally, James drives the ESG initiatives within Preformed Windings and the promotion of the circular economy and sustainability within the AEMT. James was awarded ‘ESG Champion’ Status by the natural resource forum in 2022. As a global leader in the High-Voltage rotating equipment sector, James is uniquely positioned to offer insight into global trends for electrical generation across a range of industries and regions. At the forefront of cutting-edge technologies in HV motor and Generator coil design, Preformed Windings work with leading material suppliers and global OEM’s on large R&D projects which contribute to sustainable energy initiatives.

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