Jim Stone

Jim Stone

Principal Mechanical Engineer, Voss Laboratories
United States
Jim Stone has 5 years' experience as a Machinist and Technician, followed by 35 years’ Mechanical Engineering experience, primarily in field and lab vibration, noise, and mechanical testing related to power systems. Experience includes specification, design, design review, commissioning, initial troubleshooting, maintenance troubleshooting, failure assessment, and failure management of rotating and non-rotating equipment in electrical generation, transmission, and distribution as well as gas compression, injection, and transmission applications. Primary expertise is in vibration and noise with extension into general mechanical and Machinery engineering. Also has wide experience in lab testing with shakers, tensile testers, etc. Hydro experience covers vibration (and other) testing for commissioning and design troubleshooting of units from 1985 to 2004 as well as maintenance and modification of units from 1896 to 2004 in capacities from 0.3 to 400MW. Issues include bearings, rotor dynamics, structural resonance, alignment, thrust loading, civil stability, endturn, ring bus, and field windings, etc. Innovative work in fiberoptic accelerometry, rotor-based instrumentation, and Air Gap Sensing. Also a primary resource for bearing and rotor engineering as well as any sort of machinery or related system engineering. Currently Principal Mechanical Engineer at Voss Laboratories, Benicia, California

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