Jonathan Meier

Jonathan Meier

Engineering Manager, Unico Mechanical

Mr. Meier joined Unico Mechanical in early 2019 and manages the company’s Engineering group which provides engineering services for valve, turbine and other large component overhauls for a range of customers in the hydropower, water and power industries. Since 2007, his professional engineering focus has been on dams and hydropower projects including planning and on-site engineering activities associated with inspection, repair, overhaul, and testing of existing hydraulic turbines, generators and valves.  He also has experience with the design of new powerhouse structures and associated mechanical systems; onsite engineering activities during construction and installation of new equipment, and start-up and commissioning of new facilities. Mr. Meier is also a part-time lecturer at California State University Maritime Academy. Prior to joining Unico, he was Senior Project Engineer with Pacific Gas & Electric and earlier in his career as a Mechanical Engineer with Stantec. He holds a BS/BSc in both Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering from San Francisco State University, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in both Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.


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