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Miles Auvil

Miles Auvil

CEO and Founder, Fire in My Head LLC

Miles Auvil has worked with some of the biggest names in data center sustainability, including the likes of Schneider, Siemens and Trane.

In fact, he started his role with Schneider straight out of college. Then, over 14 years, he worked his way up through sales and technical channels, before working in the energy and sustainability group.

And, as the data center industry grew, Auvil’s role transitioned in parallel to that sector. Sticking with the sustainability team, Auvil moved into a role with Siemens, specifically their building technologies division, with a heavy focus on data centers.

Five years later, Auvil joined Trane Technologies, as the Global Vertical Market Leader for Data Centers and built a globally recognized HVAC powerhouse brand and was the architect behind the LiquidStack Series-B investment along with developing new products and modifying existing to meet the markets needs.

Since leaving Trane in March (2023), Auvil has founded a consulting business where he helps startups and existing large businesses optimize their go to market strategies, launch new products and monetize product/service offerings and advises large institutional investors interested in investing in companies that serve the data center industry.


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