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Mucun Sun

Mucun Sun

Power System Research Engineer, Energy and Environment Science & Technology Division, Idaho National Laboratory
Mucun Sun is a Power System Research Engineer in the Energy Systems group at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). His research interests include deterministic/probabilistic renewable energy forecasting, power system optimization, machine learning with applications to power system planning and scheduling, wind turbine/solar panel diagnostic and prognostic. He obtained his PhD from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Texas at Dallas, where his research primarily focused on renewable energy forecasting and power system optimization. During his graduate studies, Mucun worked as an intern at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Oncor Electric Delivery LLC, and United Technologies Research Center (UTRC). Prior to joining INL, he was a Senior Data Scientist GE Renewable Energy, and his main responsibly included the development of diagnostic and prognostic tools for major component of wind turbines. He has made significant contributions to several open-source wind forecasting and turbine condition monitoring tools. Currently he also serves as the young editorial board member of Advances in Applied Energy and Applied Energy journal.

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