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Nick Agnoli

Nick Agnoli

Senior Hazard Mitigation Analyst, Applied Weather Associates

Mr. Agnoli has been a Federal, state, and regional regulator, a college instructor, and a consultant with several well‐respected engineering design firms. The majority of his professional engineering career has been associated with hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, flood control as a designer and regulator as well as emergency preparedness and risk assessment at the local and state level. While at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, he was responsible for the civil engineering staff that performs safety inspections and technical review on studies related to hundreds of FERC‐regulated hydropower projects in the northeastern United States.  Now with Applied Weather Associates and back in private practice, Nick has focused on the development of risk analyses related to regulatory and extreme natural hazards with a focus on large rainfall events and flooding.  Nick attended Virginia Tech as an undergraduate and Rutgers University as a graduate student.  He has served as an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers.  


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