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Nithyanadham Kankoni Vijayakumar

Nithyanadham Kankoni Vijayakumar

Senior Engineering Manager, Rodney Hunt Inc

Nithyanadham has over 18 years of experience managing and supervising work related to gates and their accessories, as well as hoists on nearly all projects engineered by the company. He leads and manages the process of engineering commitments in accordance with scope, schedule, budget, and procedures to ensure successful project completion, taking ownership of high‐level technical deliverables. Additionally, He provides mentoring, coaching, and technical guidance to other engineers to ensure the technical adequacy of engineering work, particularly in the design of hydraulic gates and mechanical operating systems, as well as in the preparation of supporting calculations and drawings. Nithyanadham also establishes and implements improvements to existing methods, procedures, and toolsets.

As Senior Engineering Manager, Nithyanadham leads a highly skilled team of lead engineers and senior designers specializing in hydromechanical gates, including roller gates, slide gates, stop logs/bulkheads, crest gates (Bascule/Pelican), radial gates, weir gates, and their operating equipment. Nithyanadham managed and performed detailed design work on a structural-steel bascule crest gate, including design and drawings for a single gate measuring 100.0ft wide by 6.0ft high, which operates using twin hydraulic cylinders with a capacity of 385 kips each. The new crest gate is structurally designed to withstand the most severe combination of loads, including a 6.0ft static head and ice loading of 5000 lb/ft, acting within 2.0ft below the upper pool elevation.


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