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Steadmore Musenyi

Steadmore Musenyi

Environmental Specialist, Southern African Power Pool

Steadmore Musenyi is a seasoned environmental and socio-economic development specialist with over 10 years experience in managing large scale power development projects across Southern Africa. This includes project preparation, supervising project implementation, resettlement action plans as well as evaluation of sustainability of support mechanisms offered by river basin authorities to displaced people. In the past Steadmore worked on the following projects : Kariba South Hydro Electric Scheme, Kariba Dam Rehabilitation Scheme, Zambezi Valley Development Fund Evaluation among others in Southern Africa. Currently he is responsible for coordinating environmental issues across SADC mainland states power utilities under the Southern African Power Pool. Interms of qaulifications, Steadmore holds an MSc Industrial Ecology and Environmental Management, MBA in Strategic Leadership among other qualifications. 


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