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Syed Iqbal Mehdi

Syed Iqbal Mehdi

Senior Advisor, Suki Kinari Hydro Power Project
Iqbal Mehdi is a seasoned engineering professional in hydel, thermal, and renewalable technologies, along with a specialty in supply chain including procurement. He is a trainer, consultant, and dynamic professional who brings with him more than 38 years of experience in the field of Power System Engineering, Operation and Maintenance of Hydel Power Plants, and Contract Administration of all types of Power Plants.  He has (a) a remarkable academic record, (b) a stellar professional history, (c) possesses genuine leadership qualities, and (d) has been a Star Performer in CPPA-G for numerous years of his service. During FY 2016-17, his performance was above expectations, which earned him an Outstanding Performer. Mr. Mehdi has very good knowledge and experience in the Hydel since he worked as Chief Technical Officer at CPPA-G, making valuable contributions in the administration & implementation of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) of all projects under 1994, 2002 & 2015.

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