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Usayd Casewit

Usayd Casewit

Former Hydropower & Dams Consultant, World Bank
United States
Usayd Casewit is an international development consultant with 8 years’ experience in clean energy development and climate change mitigation. His current work at the World Bank focuses on supporting strategy, research, analytical and policy advisory work to advance sustainable hydropower development. His country experience spans Canada, Denmark, Dominica, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Turkey, and the US. As a leading member of the Policy & Markets Working Group of the International Forum on Pumped Storage Hydropower in 2021, he co-authored a paper on Pumped Storage Hydropower in Southeast Asia. He has participated in the drafting of the Pump it Up: Recommendations for Urgent Investment in Pumped Storage Hydropower to Back the Clean Energy Transition paper. Recently, Usayd was appointed to serve as Young Professional Chair of the Environment and Sustainability Committee of the United States Society on Dams. Before joining the World Bank he worked on a broad range of assignments in Morocco with the UN and USAID implementing partners. While earning his MS in Energy & Environmental Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology, he served as Special Assistant to former Secretary of the Smithsonian G. Wayne Clough and helped launch the Georgia Climate Project and the Global Change Program. He holds a BA in International Affairs with a focus on the Middle East from The George Washington University and is proficient in Arabic, French, and Spanish.

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