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Usha Khatiwada

Usha Khatiwada

CEO, NRN Infrastructure & Development Limited
Usha Khatiwada (Ph.D. scholar), is currently in the position of CEO of NRN Infrastructure & Development Limited. She has been able to secure investment in more than five big hydropower projects of national priority along with other investment avenues . She has more than 15 years of experience in the various sectors of Nepal. She has been actively involved in strategic management and planning with special focus on investment and effective fund management .Usha is so passionate and dedicated that she has participated in a number of national and international conferences as a speaker in the USA, France, Netherlands, Korea, Japan, Srilanka, Vietnam and Nepal. She has actively advocated for youths and female empowerment in various fields encouraging girls and women. She had led as a volunteer for Girls in Tech, Nepal, serving as ambassador for Global Tech, and engaged as mentor in Gwnet and various organizations. She has represented as a judge numerous times for various Hackathons and Hultz prizes. She has been award winner as 50 Leading lights of Asia Pacific –Kindness and Leadership -2021, awarded with International diversity role model-2021 during Diversity in Tech Award-2021, World Changing Women 2020- organized by Conscious Media Company, Sonoma USA and listed as most influential women and Corporate women of the year by RSTCA ,Nepal, 2020.She is also an invited member for the Capital forum formed under FNCCI,2021.She serves as Board of Director for Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower project (73 MW).

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