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At HYDROVISION, we are dedicated to fostering a cleaner and more sustainable experience throughout every aspect of our operations. Our mission is to drive meaningful change not only through our conference programming but also by incorporating sustainable practices in our event planning processes and onsite operations. Both our team and vendors are fully committed to reducing environmental impacts and promoting social progress at every HYDROVISION event. 

Energy Conservation

  • During move-in and move-out to Exhibit Halls, lights run at 50%, and no HVAC is utilized.
  • Escalators in the building only run based on occupancy and event needs.
  • The glass in the facility is energy-friendly and controls UV light flow into the Charlotte Convention Center.
  • New Exhibit Hall chairs use materials with low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air.

Water and Food Conservation

  • HYDROVISION utilizes the Charlotte Convention Center's vending machines and water refill stations in our water and sustainability efforts. 
    • Refill stations are located in the West Wing and East Wing.
  • Auto flushers and water faucet aerators are installed throughout the Charlotte Convention Center to contribute to water conservation.
  • 75% of food waste is diverted from landfills and combustion facilities.

Recycling / Waste Minimization

  • The Charlotte Convention Center offers clear beverage cups that are made from a biodegradable corn material (PLA), and biodegradable coffee cups from a leading green company.
  • Recycling in the building includes aluminum, batteries, cardboard, glass, lightbulbs, paper, pallets, plastic and toner cartridges.

Environmental Purchasing

  • 95% percent of cleaning supplies are environmentally safe and biodegradable.
  • Soap dispensers use green certified soap, which requires less water to rinse.
  • Microfiber cleaning materials are used and Hepa filters are in all vacuum cleaners.

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