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Technical Paper Guidelines

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Speaker Deadlines

Speaker Agreement Due: Immediately

Update Speaker Profile (log in here): June 11, 2021

Draft of Presentation due (from individual speakers only, not panelists, instructors or poster presenters): August 11, 2021

Deadline by which you should hear from your session chair: September 3, 2021

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Toews, sarah.toews@clarionevents.com


What date/time is my session? 

Click on Update your Speaker Profile above, enter your email address and password if you know it. If you do not know your password, click on the word "retrieve" under Forgot Password? If you do not receive an email within minutes containing your password then we have a different email listed in our system than you are trying to use. Contact Sarah Toews at sarah.toews@clarionevents.com and we can correct it.

Which room will my presentation be in? 

Summit conference sessions will be held in Rooms 203-206D of the Spokane Convention Center. Session room numbers can be found on the HYDROVISION website listing the conference program.

How long do I have to speak? 

Each Summit session is 1.5 hours long.  For technical paper sessions you will have roughly 20 minutes to present, if you are participating in a panel session the amount of time you have will be determined by your panel moderator.

Knowledge Hub sessions in theatres on the exhibit floor are 20 minutes to present and 5 minutes Q&A. 

When should I arrive? 

Speakers should be in the room where they are scheduled to speak at least 30 minutes before their presentation to download it onto the computer BEFORE the session starts.  

What should I bring? 

Speakers should bring their presentation on USB. The presentation should be downloaded to the desktop in the room where you are scheduled to speak and accessed from there. Show management will not be able to provide access to any previously loaded presentations. 

Do we need to meet ahead of time? 

Nothing formal is planned but you should consult with your session chair or panel moderator when they contact you. 

What audio/visual equipment is provided? 

Screen, projector, podium microphone, pointer and a laptop.

How do I supply my presentation? 

On USB for the presentation.  Beforehand you'll be asked to upload a draft of the presentation to our password protected website for your moderator to review. 

Do I need to prepare handouts? 

With electronic access to your presentation via our password protected site you can upload your handouts before or after your presentation for attendees to download. To upload your presentation and/or technical paper, log in the speaker login using your username and password. Click upload presentation next to your session. Presentations should be uploaded in PDF format and are due on August 11, 2021.

Can I get internet access for my presentation? 

We have found the internet in most convention centers to be unreliable for use in making presentations and therefore internet cannot be guaranteed in session rooms.

Is there a speaker ready room? 

Yes.  The speaker ready room is 207.

In which order do speakers present? 

Generally, speakers present in the order in which they are listed on the website unless your session chair instructs you otherwise.

Is there a slide template we are required to use? 

Yes.  The template can be found on the Speaker Hub page.

When will I be contacted by my session chair/moderator? 

Your information will be given to the session chair/moderator of your session about 30 days out from the conference. They will be instructed to contact you within 2 weeks of the show with feedback regarding the draft of your presentation. If you do not hear from your session chair or moderator by September 3, 2021 please notify Sarah Toews at sarah.toews@clarionevents.com. 

I uploaded my presentation for the session chair to review but it's not the final one. How can I upload the final presentation for the conference proceedings? 

You can upload it the same way you uploaded your draft, however you will not be able to delete the draft.  To get the draft removed send an email to Sarah Toews at sarah.toews@clarionevents.com and ask that the draft be removed. Remember always upload a pdf version of the presentation.