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March 30, 2023: Speaker Agreement Due. Access your speaker agreement on the speaker dashboard.

March 30, 2023: Update your speaker profile with your most current headshot and short bio.

June 16, 2023: You should hear from your session chair or moderator by this date to introduce themselves and answer any questions

June 23, 2023: Send final draft of presentation and/or technical paper to your session chair or moderator

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Toews,


What date/time is my session? 

You can log into your Speaker Dashboard to see the dates/times of your associated sessions. The conference program will be live on the website by April.

Which room will my presentation be in? 

Conference sessions will be held in the West Meeting Wing of the Charlotte Convention Center, in rooms W201C – W207C. Session room numbers can be found on the HYDROVISION website listing the conference program.

When should I arrive?

Speakers should be in the room where they are scheduled to speak at least 5 minutes before to set-up your computer and presentation BEFORE the session starts. There will be an AV tech on hand to assist and a session chair to introduce you. 

What should I bring? 

Speakers should bring their presentation on a USB OR their computer. There will not be internet in the conference rooms. Show management will not be able to provide access to any previously loaded presentations. If your company does not allow for use of a USB, please bring your personal computer to access your presentation.

Do I need to meet with my fellow panelists, moderator, or session chair ahead of time?

This is entirely up to your session chair or moderator, but we recommend meeting with them the morning of your session in the Speaker Ready Room (W201A), if possible. Please confirm when they contact you in the 30 days before the conference.

What audio/visual equipment is provided? 

Screen, projector, podium microphone, laser pointer, and a laptop computer. Plan to prepare your presentation in 16:9 format (HD). You can display your presentation either through our provided laptop using a flash drive or you can plug in your own computer and display your presentation that way.

Do I need to prepare handouts and/or slides? 

If you are an individual presenter, we highly recommend that you upload your slides so that attendees can download them during or after the event. If you submitted an abstract that was accepted, you are also welcome to upload an optional technical paper. To upload your presentation and optional technical paper, log in the speaker dashboard using your email and password. One of your speaker tasks is the upload your final presentation by June 30, 2023. Presentations should be uploaded in PDF or PowerPoint format.

Can I get internet access for my presentation? 

The conference rooms will not have internet access. There will be internet in the Speaker Ready Room in case you need to download anything or review your presentation.

Is there a speaker ready room? 

Yes, the speaker ready room is W201A.

Is there a slide template we are required to use? 

It is not required but we prefer that you use the provided template for at least the first and last slides. The template can be downloaded from the Speaker Hub page.

When will I be contacted by my session chair/moderator? 

Your contact information will be given to the session chair/moderator of your session about 30 days out from the conference. They will be instructed to contact you by June 16th to introduce themselves and answer any questions. If you do not hear from your session chair or moderator by June 16, 2023, please notify Sarah Toews at

Am I registered?

All primary speakers, panelists, panel moderators, and session chairs will be registered by Clarion Events upon completion of your Speaker Agreement. Speakers receiving complimentary badges, chairs/committee can pick up their badges onsite at Registration beginning Monday, July 10th. We suggest that you pick up your badge(s) Monday or a few hours prior to your presentation to give you plenty of time.

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