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Testimonials from Attendees and Exhibitors at HYDROVISION International® 2022


Florian Altendorfer, GUGLER Water Turbines

"I joined HYDROVISION this year for the first time and had a great time…I would come again next year"

Shelly Kruckenberg, Rock Island Dam

"Coming to HYDROVISION has helped me understand how my little dam…plays a role in the whole world."

Kurt Miller, Northwest RiverPartners

"I had always dreamed of getting to come to HYDROVISION and be a speaker. To get in front of the international audience…was an amazing opportunity"

Russell Page, Louis County PUD

"This is my first time to HYDROVISION and it’s great because I’m able to make new contacts."

Ozren Oreskovic, Veski D.O.O.

"Everybody is here…to share experiences and knowledge."

Bob Bauer, Chelan PUD


"We are an incredible industry."

Travis Harrison, Yuba Water Agency

"I came to hydrovision the first time…and had a great time."

Steve Arnold, America's Energy Services

"I’ve worked my entire career in environmental regulatory licensing issues surrounding environmental issues at hydropower plants for 40 years."


Andy Eaton, Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd.

“HYDROVISION International 2022 was an extremely busy event for Gilkes. Although Gilkes has attended the event for many years, it was my first HYDROVISION and I was surprised how much of a global hydro industry event it was, with visitors from many countries. The first day with the opening reception in the exhibition hall provided an excellent start to an event which provided the opportunity to connect with potential and existing customers. Our team looks forward to exhibiting again this year”  

Zack Almont, Vitaulic


"We’ve been here every year since its inception…we’ve had the best show we’ve ever had this year."

Aaron Bartow, Worthington Products

"Being here, my eyes are opened in a way I didn’t think was going to happen."

Jake Cryer, MERCK Animal Health

"I’m really excited to be here. This is one of the few conferences I’ve ever been to with hydropower. I enjoy walking around…and seeing what other really cool innovation is going on within the industry."

Kurt Garvey, Oiles America Corp.

"We’ve been (at) HYDROVISION…for more than 15 years. We started sponsoring the Harley Giveaway in 2013 and it has paid dividends multifold for us."

Erik Patrick, Sunbelt Rentals

"We’ve got some really good leads and…we’re going to pull some really good business out of this show."

Radu Udrescu, Iris Power - Qualitrol

"I love this event because we get to hear from our peers and learn a lot of different things."

Gene Darin, VAG


"We have met some great clients that have some great interest with our products."

Jennifer Moore, Mesa Associates, Inc.

"HYDROVISION gives us the opportunity to meet and greet with our customers."

Michael Moore, Thompson Metal Fab

"We’re here at HYDROVISION surrounded by all the people who support this proud and growing industry."

Juan Medina, L&S Electric


"(Our HYDROVISION goal is to) meet with customers that we have provided a lot of our projects and meet with new customers."

Tim Ramsey, Mesa Associates, Inc.

"The most excitement is getting to see all of our clients and potential new clients."

Christopher Bencal, French Development Enterprises (FDE) Hydro

"Proud to be at HYDROVISION."



Yvonne Lee, Iris Power - Qualitrol


"One of the reasons I'm here is to interface with customers and other companies."



Shane Swindell, TurbinePROs


"I think it’s great that the government is putting more money and resources into what we’re trying to accomplish."



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