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HYDROVISION International® - the largest gathering of hydro professionals worldwide - showcases the industry's leading professionals not only on the exhibit floor, but throughout our entire weeklong event! 

Exhibit with us

Exhibit With Us

Exhibit at the most ROI-focused hydro generation event. Find out why so many of the industry's leading brands make this investment year after year.


Exhibitor Resource Center

Exhibitor Resource Center

As an exhibitor, you gain access to resources beyond your booth space. This includes free marketing tools, a one-stop exhibitor manual, and a fully dedicated staff.

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Floor Plan

View The Floor Plan

Check out our LIVE floor plan. Whether you're planning on exhibiting or just walking the hall, this is the perfect way to see who is already there.

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Exhibitor List

Exhibitor List

Get details on the product and service providers planning to exhibit. With so many booths and only a few days to see them, prioritize your list.

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Become a Sponsor

Level Up with a Sponsorship

Bolster your event investment's ROI by working with our sponsorship team. They'll build a customized option based on your company's goals.



View our 2022 Sponsors

If it weren't for these leading companies, HYDROVISION International® wouldn't be able to offer attendees and exhibitors some of the great amenities they know and love.



Exhibitor ROI Center

Follow our roadmap to get the most ROI out of your visit to HYDROVISION International®.

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Scam Warnings to Exhibitors

Directory Scam


  • Fair Guide
  • Expo-Guide

  • Energy Power News

Please report any unauthorized solicitation to our team.


List Rental Scam

Be aware of fraudulent List Rental Companies

It has come to our attention that there are a number of illegitimate list or database companies reaching out to you (our exhibitors) directly who are misrepresenting our HYDROVISION International® brand.  These companies have not been authorized to use our list of customers or our trademarks.  Every time these fraudulent offers come to our attention we send them a cease and desist letter to try to prevent them from further contacting you.  If you are contacted by anyone who claims to be a part of HYDROVISION International®, PennWell or Clarion Events – please do notify us to verify that they are in fact a legitimate representative.

Please report any potential list rental solicitations to Stephanie Mize.

Housing Warning

The only official housing company for HYDROVISION International® is Connections Housing.  All other companies do not have any affiliation with HYDROVISION International®.  We highly caution you from engaging unauthorized companies because if/when issues arise, HYDROVISION International® management does not have the ability to provide assistance in solving them. Please report any unauthorized housing and travel solicitations to Kelsey Grisham.

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