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Our dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles encompasses a wide array of initiatives that span before, during, and after HYDROVISION, as well as within our own organization, Clarion Events. This commitment is evident in our long-standing focus on diversity, the implementation of our attendee code of conduct, our on-site philanthropic endeavors like Clarion Cares, and our ongoing efforts to reduce waste at our events. We wholeheartedly embrace ESG principles and actively incorporate them into all facets of our operations and events. Our aim is to minimize our environmental impact, promote inclusivity and diversity, and contribute positively to the well-being of local communities.


Our team and vendors are committed to reducing environmental impacts, both now and in the future, at every HYDROVISION event we host. We proactively seek ways to minimize the environmental footprint of our events by implementing sustainable practices in logistics, transportation, venue energy sources, waste management, food and beverage waste, and the materials displayed throughout the event. Additionally, we provide attendees and exhibitors with the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets to reduce their own carbon emissions. 


At HYDROVISION, our mission is to create a transformative journey that embodies sustainability at every step. Our steadfast dedication to driving meaningful change is closely aligned with our valued partners, suppliers, venues, and dedicated team members. Together, we are shaping a more sustainable and vibrant future from start to finish.



In collaboration with our customers, we are dedicated to bolstering the communities in which HYDROVISION events are hosted. We engage in partnerships with local organizations and universities, as well as extend our support to international non-profits. Throughout the year, HYDROVISION actively endeavors to establish lasting value and foster community assistance. 


Collaborating closely with state and local universities, The Future Energy Leaders program provides a unique opportunity for students pursuing degrees in engineering and computer science to gain exclusive access to HYDROVISON International. 


Women with Hydro Vision Award

Our Women with Hydro Vision Luncheon program is designed to recognize women who have made and/or are continuing to make significant contributions to the hydro industry. 



By supporting each other and committing to treat all customers with care and respect, we look to fuel growth and to strengthen our communities. At our events people and technology are working together to find solutions to solve the industries greatest challenges. Preparing the future generation of engineering professionals and maintaining the highest ethical standards for our attendees and exhibitors.  


HYDROVISION takes immense pride in its strategic alliances with industry-leading associations and influential trade media. Together, we form an unstoppable force propelling the energy movement forward, catalyzing innovation, and shaping a brighter, sustainable future for all.  



At HYDROVISION International®, our dynamic committee members and impassioned industry advocates play an indispensable role in sculpting and wielding their influence over our event's overarching vision and content. Their invaluable contributions are the lifeblood of our mission to deliver an unparalleled and impactful experience. Together, we drive innovation and excellence to new heights. 



HYDROVISION and its parent company Clarion Events believe that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are fundamental to making us a successful and vibrant organization. Our core values include integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity. We aim to put inclusion and belonging at the heart of everything we do. We have made strides (and continue to make strides) to attract, develop, and retain a diverse workforce that reflects the diverse communities and markets we serve. 



HYDROVISION and its parent company, Clarion Events prides itself on providing an inclusive and supportive environment where all people are treated with dignity, decency, and respect. Clarion expects all parties associated with its events to behave appropriately throughout the year and requires that all individuals associated with its events act in a considerate, respectful, and collaborative manner. 


Unacceptable Conduct 

POWERGEN and its partner company, Clarion Events, prioritize respect as a core value. Unacceptable conduct encompasses but is not restricted to, intimidation, harassment, abuse, discrimination, derogation, or demeaning behavior by any participant, speaker, partner, exhibitor, or volunteer during the event or associated activities.



Consequences of Unacceptable Behavior 

Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated at the events whether by attendees, media, speakers, volunteers, organizers, venue staff, sponsors, exhibitors, or anyone else even remotely related to the event. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. Any Clarion show, at its discretion, may remove and bar those who violate this Code from continued attendance or participation in some or all of the events in its sole and absolute discretion, without refund of any fees paid, and may bar violators of this Code from attendance or participation of any future Clarion events in its sole and absolute discretion. 



Clarion understands the important role communities play in helping host our live events, and we want to return the favor. Clarion has established the charitable group Clarion Cares™ to support organizations that align with our core values: care, respect, service, compassion, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

The Clarion Cares mission is to collaborate with the industries we serve and together give back to global and local communities that host and are touched by our live events.



The mission of the HYDROVISION Industry Fund is to support the hydropower generation industry’s long-term success and growth by providing a grant funding to impact companies with the vision and programming to drive sustainable improvements across the industry.

Starting in 2023, this fund will award a total of $100,000 to support the health and success of the hydropower industry at large. With the goal of giving back to the industry, this fund will go to worthy causes with missions including but not limited to modernization, a sustainable industry workforce, environmental protection, new developments, and security. 

Initiatives Supported 

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