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Wednesday, July 17th | 11:30AM – 1:00PM | Location TBD

Our Women with Hydro Vision program is designed to recognize women who have made and/or are continuing to make significant contributions to the hydro industry by sharing their unique talents and “vision” to improve and advance the hydro industry.

The Women with Hydro Vision committee, consisting of industry peers and former Women with Hydro Vision award recipients, evaluated all nominations received based on their overall merit, career achievements, and other contributions to the hydro sector.

Join us for lunch to celebrate the remarkable women recognized through our Women with Hydro Vision program, whose outstanding contributions have propelled the hydro industry forward.

women with hydro

Start nominating trailblazing women for the 2025 Women with Hydro Vision Award!


Congratulations to Our 2023 Winners!

Lindsay George, Ph.D., PE

Small Hydro Consulting

Lindsay George

Lindsay George started her civil engineering career in water resources. When those clients started to ask about generating electricity within their water delivery systems, Lindsay jumped at the chance to learn everything she could about hydropower. Fifteen years later, she is a successful independent consultant specializing in small hydropower, offering engineering and project management services to clients worldwide.


Small Hydro Consulting

Enhui Jiang, Vice President

Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research, YRCC

Enhui Jiang

Enhui Jiang is an expert in hydraulics and river dynamics. She serves as chairman of both the CHINCOLD Technical Committee on Reservoir Sediment Treatment and Resource Utilization and the CHES Technical Committee on Watershed Development Strategy. Since entering the Yellow River Academy of Sciences, she has studied Yellow River sediment for more than 30 years, including the regulation of wandering river in the lower river, practice of secondary suspended river regulation, joint regulation of water and sediment, flood control pattern in lower reaches, sediment treatment and resource utilization.


Usha Khatiwada, CEO

NRN Infrastructure & Development Limited

Usha Khatiwada

Usha Khatiwada has more than 17 years of experience in the various sectors of Nepal. She has been able to secure investment in more than five big hydropower projects of national priority, along with other investment avenues. She has been actively involved in strategic management and planning with a special focus on investment portfolio and effective fund management. She has participated in several national and international conferences as a speaker and has advocated for youth and female empowerment in various fields. 


Katherine T. Leighton, Vice President

Littoral Power Systems, Inc.


For three decades after graduating from Washington State University with a degree in physical metallurgy, Katherine Leighton worked in shockwave physics and in inventing, designing and manufacturing armor products that were extensively sold, most notably to the U.S. Department of Defense. She has been managing the tech development program at Littoral Power Systems Inc. (LPS) since 2015. Today she focuses on overseeing LPS’s R&D program for hydropower, fish passage, and current and wave energy, which includes interfacing with federal and state agencies. 


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