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Welcome HYDROVISION 2024 Sponsors! 

NOTE: If you are sponsoring multiple sessions, please complete this form for EACH session.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Anna Marini at


**Only complete this form if you will be the Point of Contact (POC) for all session details**

There are two (2) steps needed to finalize your Sponsored session for HYDROVISION:

#1. Complete the Sponsor Session Info form (i.e. this current form),
#2. And then make sure your Speaker(s) complete their Speaker Agreement form.


Upon your submission of this form (a.k.a. the Sponsor Session Info form), we will have our Content Director review your submission. If any edits are needed, we will reach out to you, the Point of Contact (POC), with those edits. 

Once your form has been approved, your session details will then be posted on the HYDROVISION app & website with 48-72 hours. 

This form will collect the following; we cannot publish your session without this information:
- Session Title (Less than 100 characters total)
- Session description (Less than 500 characters total)
- Session tags (Select a minimum of 3, maximum of 5 total)
- Audience Level (Select one: Level 1 - Intro/Basics, Level 2 -Technical, or Level 3 -Thought Leadership/Executive)
- Audience Type (Select one: Engineering/Procurement/Construction, General Audience, Government, Independent Power Producers, or Utilities)
- POC Information* (Name, Email, Phone #)
- Speaker #1 Information (Name, Job Title, Company, Email*, Phone #*, >300 word bio, and headshot image (.JPG or .PNG))
(Optional) Speaker #2 Information (Name, Job Title, Company, Email*, Phone #*, >300 word bio, and headshot image (.JPG or .PNG))

*Collected for Internal contact purposes only, will not be published externally.


Once your session is approved by our Content Director, we will then send you, the POC, a link to the Speaker Agreement form. Once the Speaker(s) complete it, we will then register them for their complimentary HYDROVISION Speaker badge.

The POC will be responsible for making sure their Speaker(s) complete the Speaker Agreement form.
If your Speaker(s) do not complete the Speaker Agreement form before the start of the event, their Speaker status for 2025 could be jeopardized.

Sponsor Session Info Form: Friday, May 10, 2024
Speaker Agreement Form: Monday, July 1, 2024

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